Winter Citrus Salad with Pistachio-Castelvetrano Olive Relish

This preparation is adapted from the recipe used at Franny’s, a popular Brooklyn restaurant that closed in 2017. Peak winter citrus is paired with a savory relish of toasted pistachios, Castelvetrano olives, Italian parsley, shallot, and hot pickled peppers. This combination of elements is thrilling, as the sweet and acidic citrus finds balance amidst a host of different flavors and textures (briny, spicy, grassy, crunchy). Top notch extra-virgin olive oil is the key to bringing it all together, as the richness of the oil supports and smoothes out these bold flavors. This salad is versatile, as the Castelvetranos and pistachios can be swapped out for virtually any olives or toasted nuts. For the olive oil, former Fanny’s chef John Adler suggests “a medium-full bodied olive oil without too much pepper,” such as Cru di Cures from Lazio, Tratturello from Molise, or Olio Verde from Sicily.

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