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First of all, I can’t tell you enough how content I feel, now that I have focused on truly living my joy. Perhaps it’s been the isolation with the pandemic, although I happily live with my mom as her caregiver.  Not sure.  But it’s got me thinking how darn important it is to live in the now.   To find your joy and go for it.  Time is ticking. 

What is my joy?  Pets and self-amusement, to be honest.  Surrounding myself with things that bring me joy.  Wearing things that make me smile.  I see it as creative self-expression, with absolutely no worries if anyone is watching or not.  We can all use some humor and laughter these days. So much doom and gloom.  Uncertainty and anxiety. Let’s take time to tap into our inner child and have some fun.


And speaking of fun…How can you not have fun while wearing a onesie?  Seriously.  Especially a KIGURUMI onesie. It’s hard to be bummed out.   It really is.  And onesies are not just for night-time.  This is a 24-hour must piece of clothing attire.  

Recently Anna Alaverdian of KIGURUMI wrote an article: Man’s Best Friend: Dog Onesies.  I’m very happy to share the article and I’m more than excited to be posting my review of two fantastic Kigurumi onesies (Lobster & Walrus) coming up soon! 


Head over to KIGURUMI to check out the onesies and you too can tap into your inner joy!


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